• A Multi-Purpose Designer

    Able to move from technical to soft areas as work changes.

    : Interactive Design
    : Visual Design
    : User Experience Design

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  • T-Shaped UX Professional

    Able to apply a depth of skill to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences.

    : Broad Set of Skills
    : Ability to Work Outside of Core Area
    : Equally at Ease with Design Issues as with Business Strategy
    : Deep Set of Skills
    : Depth of knowledge in a Functional Area

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    • UX as the New SEO: an interview with Marianne Sweeny

      This is an interview I did with Marianne Sweeny following her presentation for the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup group (@LAUXmeetup). The article was published in UX Magazine and can be seen on their site, A d…

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    • The Cat’s Meow: A Title Plate

      The Marketing team's decision to spoof Comic Book culture gave me plenty of inspiration for visual design. With the various print material I was able to draw on silver age comics for the illustration style and tone of …

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    • After Effects for a Blood Fiend

      In the age of endless user generated content it makes no sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing videos, right? Yeah, but that doesn't mean it can't be cool. I took this little movie into After Effects, …

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    • ‘Deep Canvas’ the Animation Technique

      This is quick overview of the process used in the Tarzan Animated film. The result is one of the more satisfying combinations of 3D and 2D animation. The Wikipedia entry explains it like this- To create the sweeping 3…

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    • The ‘Computer & Video Game Archive’ at University of Michigan

      The 'Computer & Video Game Archive' at University of Michigan has taken on the huge task of archiving video games. In their words, they... "collect materials relating to games for the purpose of academic inquiry, in…

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    • LA UX on VIMEO

      As a co-organizer for the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup group I sometimes video record the presentations. The LAUX Vimeo Channel carousel below has everything we've posted so far. If you're in L.A. and want to meet …

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